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#1 Pizzeria EVER!

The only place for pizza in Rye – in my humble opinion! And what we will be eating when my friends help me move (I will try to restrain myself from archeological endeavors – but Wood does find them hilarious). (photo credit here &…

1.16 Pizza With Indiana Jones

I blame Indiana Jones. A ten year old me wanted nothing more than to roam the earth with Professor Jones (as I called him because I’d be a student, not a love interest) finding idols, grails and such things. So to prepare I did…

1.15 Sweet and Sour

Rolling down the window of sickly pumpkin colored hybrid, “Talking on your phone again?” The opening salvo. Returning fire, I gestured with my phone, “Sure looks that way.” I opened my email, hoping the glowing screen and obvious inattention would spark the idea of…

The Day Before & The Day After

The sunset this evening looked much like this one? Should have whipped my camera out – perhaps Little Ben would have taken the hint….

Raindrops on Roses….

Some lovely smelling roses peaking over the side-fence at Beatrice’s house.

1.12 Dourwood’s Days Are Numbered!

I choked on my on the coffee. I was going to kill Wood – he’s such a liar – he never talked to her. Trying to compose a suitable answer in my head on the fly, while calculating the amount of money it would…

The Alter of the Bean & Coffee Art

The Alter recently held a photo contest, this was one of my favorites! (Photo credit here, Words are mine.)

1.11 We Worship At The Altar Of The Bean

The heady scents of coffee, sugar and bacon enveloped me when I entered The Altar of the Bean (or The Altar as it is known amongst the regulars, neighborhood and social media). The controlled chaos of baristas, cashiers and bakers behind the counter snagged…