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1.36 Where Did Indy Find The Grail?

(My very sophisticated tools and a random heart I found carved near the glade!) My friend’s voices evaporated away into silence quicker than I expected while following the invisible line thru the old growth. Fortunately, I didn’t need to venture very far outside of…

The Early Bird!

We got yelled at by this little guy when we docked at the base of the trail! So much noise from something so little!

1.35 Something Wicked This Way Comes

(Bert after his impromptu swim, the wake from our boat setting off and the hidden dangers in the lake we noticed only after tying up the boat!) At seven am the five of us, and two hounds (Laney & Wood’s boys) assembled on the…

The Best Fish & Chips in Rye!

Checking out a tip from one of my Senior Center fares, I found the best fish & chips in Rye – Zeke’s Fish House! Plus it was near-ish to PULP, where I was going to pick up Beatrice later for the Fall Foliage Tour….

Laney Is Hilarious!

Laney sent out these invitations, in case any of us tried to cancel on the trip (and by us I think she was worried about me)! (photo credit here, words are mine)

1.32 Whiplash

Piling the leftovers back into the box (we made quite a dent, and to my supreme joy – I would have hom bow for breakfast!). Unfortunately, our cleanup gave Wood the opening he needed for his own investigations… Wood (indignation coloring his tone): “Morticia! You…

1.31 Moving, Maps and Bad News

After nosing thru the dredges of the take-out boxes, hoping against hope I would find neglected pork filled hom bow amongst them, I remembered my earlier research. I waited until Sarah finished her rant on why she firmly believed no one under the age…